Updated Wednesday morning forecast — May 9th, 2018

TODAY: A beauty. Blue skies and bright sunshine a few afternoon clouds. A high in the mid to upper 70s. Light south breeze.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear. A low 45 to 50. Light winds

THURSDAY: Morning sunshine then clouding up in the afternoon. Showers arriving in the afternoon, maybe a rumble of thunder late. A high in the low 70s. Light south winds.

Looking further ahead…

THURSDAY NIGHT: Good chance for rain showers exiting overnight. A low around 35 with a frost threat northern areas.

FRIDAY: Mixed clouds and sun after a frosty morning. A high in the low to mid 50s.

SATURDAY: Clouding up. Good chance for rain or showers developing. A morning low 32 to 35 with areas of frost possible. Chilly with temperatures rising through the 40s to mid 50s late.

SUNDAY Mother’s Day: Sunshine filtered through periodic high cloudiness but dry. A low in the 40s. A high upper 50s to mid 60s.

MONDAY: Mostly sunny. A low 35 to 40. A high 65 to 70.

TUESDAY: Mostly sunny. A low 40 to 45. A high 70 to 75.

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy. Scattered showers and a chance for thunderstorms. A low 45 to 50. A high 75 to 80.

Average lows 40 to 45. Normal highs around 65.


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