About Roger Hill

RHworkerbeeEver since he witnessed the power of a Yellowstone thunderstorm as a kid on a family trip, Roger has been awed and amazed by the weather. He first learned his trade in the Army in Hawaii and worked for the National Weather Service in diverse stations such as Los Angeles, Montana, Cape Hatteras and Burlington, Vermont. Since 2000, Roger has been forecasting the weather for the listeners of Radio Vermont (WDEV, WLVB, WCVT, and 101 The One). He also contracts with VELCO, the company that provides the backbone of all Vermont electrical utilities, and freelances for local municipalities, schools, outdoor event organizers and maple sugarmakers.

Roger lives in Worcester, Vermont on the side of a mountain with his wife, two dogs, a cat and a tarantula. They have two adult children. In his spare time, he plays drums, keeps bees, and roots for Bernie Sanders.

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